we develop and provide *BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PLAN* for your business with detailed *MARKETING*,  *REVENUE* and *FINANCIAL* models and analyses with the following deliverables


1. Executive summary

2. Mission statement

3. Business description

4. Business environment analysis

5. SWOT analysis

6. Industry background

7. Market analysis

8. Marketing plan

9. Total Market Size Demand 

10. Current and Target Share 

11. Competitors

12. Competitive Analysis

13. Operations plan

14. Management summary

15. Revenue Plan

16. Acquiring high value customers

17. Offering significant value to customers

18. Deliver products or services with high margins

19. Provide for customer satisfaction

20. Maintain market position

21. Fund the business

Financial plan for 3 years. 

for details contact or PM Pastor Alfred+233209739385 or email

in the following business areas

1. Music / Movie Promotion  Production, Marketing.

2. Event Management

3. Reality TV / Soap Opera

4. Information Technology

5. Product Sales and Supply Chain

6. Furnishing and Carpentry

7. Agro Allied

8. Fashion Designers 

9. Modeling


11. Franchise

12. Export commodities

13. Real Estate and Land Management

14. Ecommerce

15. Bakery Confectionary 

16. Hotel Management

17. Mineral Resources

 exploration and exportation 

18.  Beauticians

19.  Construction 

20. others

for details contact or PM Pastor Alfred +233209739385 or email

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