How to chose a marriage partner part 1 continued.

Youth you don’t propose they have friends, students don’t propose they have friends because there is something sons of Solomon talks about [KJV] Song of Songs 2:7 I charge you, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, by the roes, and by the hinds of the field, that ye stir not up, nor awake my love, till he please.

So until you are ready you must let love sleeps and you aweken friendship because the moment you propose to somebody your relationship has change from friendship to romance. Don’t enter into a relationship with somebody when you are not ready to make him or her a part of your life. Relationship grows, I have studied over a long period of time and have reliazed that relationship that goes beyond four years always breakup because you put yourself under tension so much that after sometime you are not able to gain so you want a new relationship to cool off. So, if you are not ready for it don’t awaken it that is why if somebody says to you that ; I love you so much I want to go to bed with you, you have to know the person hates you he wants to destroy your life. Because what people call love is lust…

Normally it is accepted that since the man is the head of the Union and much will be depend on his leadership he should be older in age, he should be better established in life that is the accepted. Under circumstances you see this not happening, you find somebody maybe the woman is older than the man I don’t say it will not work it will work but understand there are problems and you are ready to face those problems. If you don’t understand it and you say we are in love our love will take us through you will have shocks coming your way you didn’t bargain for.

Marry a man who is able to provide securities for you. Ladies, check out if the person you are going out is secured to provide security for the home. Don’t marry a lazy man… A man must be hardworking if you are courting with a man who always complain herrr am tied ooo please is danger because an easily tied man will not be a good husband.

when you are a man and you are in love with a too demanding woman please be careful; whatever she sees she want to get and she is not ready to contribute anything to the relationship and thinks that everything must come from you and you must cloth her and takes care of her please that is a red sign. Don’t tell me the Lord has review to you;and you love her. I know you love her but you see love is not the only basis for marriage you need to add other virues. A demanding wife can make you a thieve…that’s the plain truth.

Sometimes you need to find out disease we believe in the Word but if you are going to marry somebody who is sickle cell and you are also sickle cell you know you are calling for trouble believe all the faith, except you tell me you won’t born. Because some people genetically do not blend with other people. Remember am not saying if it’s so it won’t work,what am saying is that these are real dangers so you have to deal with them.

Watch out for part two

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