Looking For A Marriage Partner

Looking for a marriage partner

Genesis 24

The first think if you are looking for a life partner, is to look for someone who share a common faith with you. Abraham said to his master servant don’t look for a wife among the Canaanites, the reason here is not because of racial or tribal discrimination or considerations but because of consideration of faith. The Canaanites were idol worshipers and Abraham was a man who worshipped the Jehovah God and so if you are going to look for a life partner, the first qualification is to find somebody you can share your faith with. If you are a born again Christian you must look for somebody who shares that commitment and that faith. Don’t look for somebody with the hope that you will change the person into your tease. Marriage is not a place where people change, in marriage people continued who they are so don’t marry somebody with the idea that you will change their faith. Somebody may say that if that person doesn’t share your faith don’t we worship the same God? Well, but we know that the way to the father is through Jesus Christ. So is very important to marry someone who shares your faith because the key decisions for your life is based on your faith.

[ESV] Genesis 24:12 And he said, “O Lord, God of my master Abraham, please grant me success today and show steadfast love to my master Abraham.

[ESV] Genesis 24:13 Behold, I am standing by the spring of water, and the daughters of the men of the city are coming out to draw water.

[ESV] Genesis 24:14 Let the young woman to whom I shall say, ‘Please let down your jar that I may drink,’ and who shall say, ‘Drink, and I will water your camels’—let her be the one whom you have appointed for your servant Isaac. By this I shall know that you have shown steadfast love to my master.”

The next point is to seek God’s guidance because marriage is a very long journey that if you don’t have God’s guidance you may make a choice that look good today but tomorrow may not be a good choice so seek God’s guidance and pray about it. How do we know that this person is the one God has given to me or not? Now the primary way is to know the will of God is what we called the senses of our spirit. You may look for somebody who seems to be okay today but something within your heart pulls that person down. Please don’t overlook on it because it might be the Holy spirit guiding you. Watch out because you are not going to make decision of which you will change it tomorrow. Marriage is a permanent convent…

The third point is still in the verse 14 [ESV) Let the young woman to whom I shall say, ‘Please let down your jar that I may drink,’ and who shall say, ‘Drink, and I will water your camels’—let her be the one whom you have appointed for your servant Isaac. By this I shall know that you have shown steadfast love to my master.”

Look for someone who can share with you what they have, Any stingy or miser person right from the beginning is bad news. So if you are a woman and you find somebody who finds it difficult to share with you what they have run away because they are not ready to make you a part of their life don’t forget marriage is sharing.  If you are a man and all that the woman does is give me, give me i want this, always demanding from you is bad news. I know some men have a habit of fixing women, you feel good to overload the girls with bounty some of us go and borrow money to feature our girlfriend please think because a demanding wife can make you a thieve. Early indications must be taken into consideration because a selfish man right from the beginning will be selfish the rest of their life.

The fourth point is in the verse 15 [KJV] Genesis 24:15 And it came to pass, before he had done speaking, that, behold, Rebekah came out, who was born to Bethuel, son of Milcah, the wife of Nahor, Abraham’s brother, with her pitcher upon her shoulder.

You must marry someone who carries responsibility. Anybody who is not responsible is not a material for marriage because marriage is responsibility. If somebody doesn’t know how to take care of his relatives; mother, sister, father …etc and he is in a position to take care of them and he is not doing please don’t marry him. So check out their domestic responsibility, marry a woman who knows how to cook. Is all right to marry a person poor but marry a poor person who going into prosperity but don’t marry a poor man or a poor person who is contended with their poverty and are not doing anything, taking responsibility to eradicate the poverty. Is better to be unmarried than to marry the wrong person. When you marry you can’t change it and most at times people find out that they have made mistakes after they have married.

The next point is in the verse 16 [KJV] Genesis 24:16 And the damsel was very fair to look upon, a virgin, neither had any man known her: and she went down to the well, and filled her pitcher, and came up.

You must marry someone you are attracted to. Marriage is not a beauty contest, beauty is in the eye of the beholder but whoever you marry must be somebody you feel good about when you see the person, somebody you are physically attracted to.That doesn’t mean you go and look for somebody who owns miss universe and marry her or who owned Mr Ghana and marry him. Beauty is very subjective, people see different beauty and buy a larger the greatest attraction is the character but don’t say I like her character whilst you know physically this person turns you off.

The six point is in the verse 23 [KJV] Genesis 24:23 And said, Whose daughter art thou? tell me, I pray thee: is there room in thy father’s house for us to lodge in?

Know the family you are marrying into I know that we all get born again and so people change so don’t say that because he or she is from that family I will not marry him or her. But be advised because certain characteristics are dominant. You may find a family who is reserved and because of that nobody attempted to do something important in the family. If you are going to marry from a family of womanizers or manizers and you see the triat of the families weakness on the person you are going to marry please, becareful. Love is not permanent… 

The final point is still in the verse 23 ” is there any room in your house for me?” Ask is the family ready for you… If you find out that the family you are going to marry from is not ready to accept you please don’t stubbornly jump into it. Especially if you are a charismatic and you are going to marry a typical Orthodox church maybe they may resist you if only is because of that then you make a little effort because we believe they don’t understand it. But make sure that you are accepted…

To be continued

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  1. I’m currently in United States with a Ghanaian wife here and the treatment here is very bad and am planning to come to Ghana 2020 as God grants me grace. So I would be very grateful if you can connect me with a respected and God fearing lady from eastern region krobo lady please. Am from Ashanti region 43yrars


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